Voices of Joan


Voices of Joan is a feminist punk ritual that calls on the spirit of iconic iconoclast Joan of Arc. In an intimate solo performance, theatre-maker Janie Gibson unravels the tangled threads of misogyny and Catholicism as she searches for Joan’s voice in fragments of history, fantasy & fiction. With direction by Anu Almagro (Song of the Goat, Poland) we witness Gibson trade clothes with the audience, play a bishop in drag, rally the crowd from behind a megaphone and incite the audience to build Joan’s pyre with her. With a wireless radio as their ‘time machine’ the artists tune into echoes of Joan in acts of courage and oppression throughout history in search of a road map for resistance in our uncertain times.
Director and Creator: Anu Almagro
Performer and Creator: Janie Gibson
Composition & Sound Design: 
Liesl Pieterse
Additional Composition: 
Xani Kolac and Toecutter
​Fight Choreography: Gabriel Almagro
"Janie Gibson channels the spirit of Joan of Arc in this breathtaking performance that addresses us, involves us – and makes us complicit in the outcomes...But we’re not just an audience, we’re part of this trial, this ritual – ...we’re the ones building the bonfire and placing candles in the pyre; it is up to us whether it’s to burn or to remember...she delivers a powerful history lesson that still needs to be learned, where the questioner may be silenced, but the questions remain". Mark Wicket Stage Whispers
Dosier "Voices of Joan"
Enchanted Wings


“Enchanted wings” is a musical theatre performance directed for children +5 and their families. It intertwines theatre, classical and contemporary live music in a colourful visual staging with vivid storytelling and movement. The 10 songs which are composed to unfold the growth story of a Family are played by a violin and a guitar and are accompanied with other instruments like a drum, a tambourine, glockenspiel and a pair of spoons. The performance unfolds a story of a young girl who is very sick. In order for her to heal, a pair of magical wings appear. As in any imaginable family, a sudden appearance of a big pair of red wings can become a source of incredible joy but also a source of pain and shame. The show leads the listener through a wide range of human emotions and different ways of dealing with them. 
The need for this creation rose from the hearts of four artists who are also parents. The longing for high quality theatre combined with newly composed live music and poetic storytelling made the crew to dive in to the beautiful landscape of a story written by Kaarina Helakisa, a beloved Finnish children book writer. The core is to awaken the listening and respect to hear our inner voice, our intuition.
National Forum of Music Production:
Text: Kaarina Helakisa 
Illustration: Heli Hieta
Direction & Dramaturgy: Anu Almagro
Music Composition: Aleksandra Bugaj & Samuel Alty
Cast: Zofia Sozańska-Alty, Aleksandra Bugaj, Samuel Alty
Light Design: Zbigniew Bodzek 
We will leave only bone
-Reflections of Eurydice


The tension between life and death, God and human, and the boundaries of life and love is expressed through the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Odra Ensemble has drawn inspiration from music and poetry from around the world to trace the epic journey of Orpheus and Eurydice. Through Orpheus song and plea to the gods of the underworld we see how the power of love upsets the order of things and how song can cross the borders of life and death. Out of rigorous training and expeditions throughout three years of time comes a theatrical performance inspired in equal parts by mythologies, songs, dances, rituals and performance traditions discovered while journeying around the world.
More about the show...
Director: Anu Salonen
Dimitris Varkas, Julianna Bloodgood, Joshua Doerksen, Janie Gibson, Daniel Han, Alexandra Kazazou, Diego Pileggi
Lighting: Kamil Piwko

Antes De Ayer
Antes De Ayer
The day before yesterday

Antes de Ayer is a solo performance created by Gabriel Rodriguez Almagro. It scrolls through the history of his family throughout three generations in south Spain where the life was connected with earth, food and play. The performance is based on rigorous physical training combined with humoristic and touching storytelling. The play between action, mimic storytelling and suspension create a wonderful rhythm to the piece. The work of the director was to interweave the action, stories and music in to  one dramaturgy. 


Director: Anu Salonen

Text and performance: Gabriel Rodriguez Almagro

Music: Sam Alty


Drawing on Schulz


MA in Acting 2012

Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with Song of the Goat Theatre

Life of the artist Bruno Schulz was the source material with the MA in Acting students 2012-2013. Expedition took place all around Romanian countryside and the connection with local people including several traditional artists on music and dance became the main stream of inspiration.


Director Anna Zubrzycki
Assisting director on movement Anu Salonen
Assisting director on music Rafal Habel
Performers: Gabriel Almagro, Ilona Krawczyk, Sam Alty, Piotr Kurjata, Agnieszka Bresler, Mariae Smierowska, Stephanie Bain, Rea Mole, Paolo Garghentino, Seth Compton


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