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Anu Almagro (Salonen) is a Finnish actress, an acting teacher and a director. She works internationally around the globe. Her interest in performance work is deeply rooted in cultural traditions and is born out of authentic and energetic connection between people that brought her to Poland the first time in 2004.


In 2007 she became an actress of Teatr Piesn Kozla/ Song of the Goat Theatre, an international multi-award winning theatre company based in Wroclaw, Poland. She is also a teacher of the company's unique Coordination technique. The company tours throughout the world and performs in venues such as The BAM, New York and The Globe, London. The latest acting roles of Anu include Antigone in "Anty-Gone Triptych", Ophelia in "Hamlet-a commentary" and Cordelia in "Songs of Lear" directed by Grzegorz Bral.

In 2011 Anu created her own theatre company Odra Ensemble which both trained and performed "We will leave only bone- reflections of Eurydice" in Wroclaw, Poland and Thessaloniki, Greece until 2013.

She is the artistic director of musical theatre company Winged daughters creating work for children audiences. Their last piece known as "Enchanted Wings"  was supported by and performed at National Forum of Music, Wroclaw, Poland.

Starting in 2021 Anu has had an opportunity to work together with  Ukrainian musicians Volodymyr Andrushchak and Vsevolod Sadovyj and Polish composer Maciej Rychly. Together the team has created two music based performances; "The Garden of Divine Songs" and "Chor Skovoroda" both based on the poetry and life of the Ukrainian philosopher and poet Hryhoriy Skovoroda. Performances have been performed in Poland and Finland. Both projects are looking for further collaborations and opportunities to be performed again.

In Finland Anu is collaborating as co-creator and actor with two projects combining artistic and scientific research.

One of them "Selfportrait- dreams of the life and art of Ellen Thesleff" became a dream like performance  based on Finnish painter Ellen Thesleffs (1869-1954) life and work combining  music, visual arts and physically engaged acting methods. This work has been performed in Art museums and Universities in Finland after its premiere in Tehdas Teatteri Turku in 2021.

Fascinating Fascism and its Affective Heritage in Finnish Culture is a research project supported by University of Turku and Kone Foundation where a series of performances are created exploring the history of fascism and its affects to todays Finland. The performative series is called "Close the borders" and its been performed during 2023 in Finland at Tehdas Teatteri Turku, Tampere Workers Theatre and Sibelius Museum Turku.

Latest work of Anu as creator and director; "Voices of Joan" appeared in Newcastle, Australia as a part of the New Annual Festival in October 2023.


Finland based company Anu Almagro Actor Training Tmi follows invitations to share profound and holistic acting technique workshops with professional theatre makers as well with students throughout the world.

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