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Actor Training


Acting workshops for professional theatre makers as well for theatre students


Each workshop is based for authentic and energetic human connection. This meeting with the partner and the ensemble is created through movement and song, text and character. New people, cultures, spaces, texts and songs create a unique experience for every single workshop. Exercises on movement, rhythm, body awareness, partnership, imagination, spacial relations, voice, text and singing are all to awaken the energetic surprising connection within and between performers.


Experiencing the body through movement, sound and imagination will increase  the performers presence. The individual performer as a part of a breathing ensemble is the key element of each workshop. Actor will experience the flow of interweaving physical action, sound and text and internal movement of imagination, thought and feelings. All the qualities between subtle and dynamic exist, as they do in human life. Intention lies in listening to ones own experience whilst reacting to impulse and inspiration coming from the members of the ensemble.

You will experience fully engaged flow of actions together with the group. Through the common exercises the ensemble will be built. The process of working with an ensemble could be described with a metaphor of a human body. Each member of the ensemble represents one part of it. Only together it is possible to build one moving and sounding whole; the body. Another metaphor for this particular wholistic physical theatrical work could be an orchestra. Every action and sound of each instrument/ each participant creates the full and balanced sound and musically whole performance.

Have a look at one of my workshop with Arts on Location in Bangkok

Musicality and Dynamics, Bangkok

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