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Please contact me with any questions towards the upcoming workshops or ideas organizing a new workshop!



 Workshop History​

  • March 2018: Bral School of Acting  Wroclaw, Poland, Coordination technique workshop "Monologues on Hamletmachine"

  • January 2018: NUKU choir, NUKU Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia; Ensemble Theatre workshop; "Kalevipoeg - intuition and imagination"

  • January-June 2017: Bral School of Acting, Wroclaw, Poland, Coordination technique teacher

  • March-April 2016: Kabia Teatro in collaboration with Alanbike Teatro, Bilbao, Spain; "Ensemble in Sound and Action - Workshop for Actors"


  • February 2016: Aura of Puppets, Turku, Finland; "Body, sound and presence- the power of reaction"

  • September 2012: University of Thessaloniki, physical Theatre WS with Anu Almagro, the director of Odra Ensemble Theatre Company; "Playing on the edge - the musical territory of body and voice"




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